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10 Good Things To Talk About – April 12

Mrs. Reich shares the story of her bullmastiff, Ginger.

Mrs. Reich shares the story of her bullmastiff, Ginger.

  1. VIP Readers – we were honoured and thrilled to have our VIP Readers come and read to our students this week as part of our “Spring Into Reading” promotion.  Thank you to Dr. Karen Nelson (superintendent of schools), Adam Palmer (Youth Inclusion Program), Roxanne Watson (former principal, counsellor, teacher at Kent), Fran Froehlich (former teacher and teacher-librarian at Kent), Constable Rob Scott (RCMP), Mrs. McRae (grandmother of a Kent student), Patsy Graham (AESS Principal), John Van Laerhoven (mayor of District of Kent), Cathy Van Laerhoven (former teacher of Kent), Al Fraser (trustee and former vice principal of Kent), Ron Johnstone (trustee), Terrill Scott (FVRL librarian), Holger Schwichtenberg (Kent parent and councillor of District of Kent).  Please check out Mrs. Dumas’s library blog for more photos and info on our VIP Readers.
  2. Family “Fuood”  Our intermediate musical theatre students put on a wonderful performance of Family Fuood in Harrison last weekend.  The production was written and choreographed by Kent students and staff and will be performed in front of our school next week.  Thank you to Mrs. Di Rezze, Mr. Mills and the students for all their efforts with this event.
  3. Jumping for a cause.

    Jumping for a cause.

    Jumping for a Good Cause  Lead by our grade 6 students, our whole school participated in a variety of fitness activities throughout the day to encourage awareness of health and also fundraising for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Thank you to Mrs. Gallamore for organizing this.

  4. Heritage Fair  11 of our intermediate students travelled to Abbotsford this week to represent Kent School at the Regional Heritage Fair.  Mrs. Dumas, Mr. Mills, and Mrs. Gallamore were so proud of their efforts.  Congratulations to all those who attended as well as the four students who came home with a medal. Please check out Mrs. Dumas’s post on it here.
  5. Basketball  Our boys and girls’ teams travelled to FG Leary this week to continue their hot streaks and strong efforts in the Chilliwack District Basketball league.
  6. Reading Link Challenge  Another team represented our school this week as they went to Hope to participate in the FVRL Reading Link Challenge.  Students in Mr. Mills’ class worked with Mrs. Faulkner to read 6 different books and then answer questions on these books for the challenge.
  7. Rube Goldberg Projects  Mr. Gallamore’s class has been using their knowledge of simple machines to create Rube Goldberg projects to get the ball rolling through a planned course to eventually create an action at the end.
  8. Salmon Release  Mr. and Mrs. Gallamore’s classes travelled to the Chehalis River to release the salmon that have been growing in our division 1 classroom.  Click here to check out the video of images of the trip!
  9. Students creating stop motion video for CHOICES.

    Students creating stop motion video for CHOICES.

    CHOICES  We are off to another great round of CHOICES at Kent School! From “Young Naturalist” to “the Fantastic FVRL” to “Raven Tales”, students are given new opportunities to learn some new skills.

  10. Gr. 3/4 Arctic Blanket

    Gr. 3/4 Arctic Blanket

    Arctic Blanket Project  As part of the unit on the Arctic, Ms. Exley’s students each created a stitched panel to go into a blanket.  With the help of Mrs. Backman, the students create their own unique Arctic blanket that they can each take home for a night.

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