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10 Good Things To Talk About – April 26

Beautiful days for blowing bubbles.

Beautiful days for blowing bubbles.

  1. Deborah Hodge

    Deborah Hodge

    Deborah Hodge Visits  We were excited to host and learn from BC author Deborah Hodge last week.  She shared her stories of how she writes and researches for her books. She even brought in animal skulls and furs to engage the students that much more!  For more info on Deborah Hodge, please check out Mrs. Dumas’s blog here.

  2. Kids' Book Picks

    Kids’ Book Picks

    Student Book Picks  Many of our students are picking their book of the month and creating a poster to promote others to read it.  Be sure to check out the primary bulletin boards to see their favourite books!

  3. Run For Water  We had Randall Peters come in last week and share the powerful stories of the impact that the fundraising efforts of Run For Water have had on villages in Ethiopia.  Our school run will happen on May 10th.
  4. Book swap!

    Book swap!

    Book Swap  Students donated a huge volume of books as part of our book swap.  Students were delighted to swap their old books for some new ones!

  5. Seabird Education Agreement  The school district signed the new Education Agreement with Seabird.  Kent School truly appreciates the relationship we have with our Seabird community.
  6. The cast of Family Fuood

    The cast of Family Fuood

    Kent Musical  The students performed the musical “Family Fuood” in front of our school last week.  We are all so proud of the efforts and talent of these students.  What a memorable performance!

  7. Painting fish

    Painting fish

    Fish for our Fence  The students have been working hard with Mrs. Cardinal to each paint a fish that will decorate our fences.  This is part of our Earth Day/week activities.  Thank you, again, to Gerry Chappell for donating the fish!

  8. Celebrating Our Strengths  We honoured two more sets of students last week for their strengths and interest as part of our monthly COS assemblies.  It’s always great to hear about the strengths within our students.
  9. Ladybugs!  What kind of ladybug would you create?  How would you describe it?  Check out Mrs. Roste’s bulletin board to see the types of ladybugs our K/1 students have created.
  10. Proud of her coding,

    Proud of her coding,

    HTML Coding Mr. Gallamore’s class works on problem solving and technology as they create their own webpages using html coding.  It is always interesting to see the collaborative environment as students help each other out to add flair to their web pages.

For a video of images of the February and March at Kent, please click here.

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