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10 Good Things To Talk About – June 15

A great day for creativity in our sandbox.

  1. A gr. 4 student’s longhouse model.

    Long Houses and Pit Houses  Mrs. Smith’s class is learning about local Sto:lo culture and as a way to demonstrate their learning, they created some amazing models of Pit Houses and Long Houses.

  2. 2012’s first butterfly in grade 1.

    Butterflies!  The first butterflies have grown from the Chrysalis stage and arrived in Mrs. V’s grade 1 class! The students were so excited for the learning and the growth happening right before their eyes.

  3. Flight  Students in Mrs. Gallamore’s students are exploring the history of air transportation and the many ways humans have attempted flight.  Be sure to come check out the projects lining our intermediate hallways.
  4. Mr. Leon braves the cold.

    Dunked!  Many staff members (and AESS Leadership Students) braved the cold water and cold weather to help fundraise for the grade 6 camp trip.  Students lined up throughout the day to have their shot at getting their chosen staff members a wee bit wet (and freezing cold).

  5. Year End Honouring Assembly  Our year end assembly, in which we honour each grade 6 student, is set for Tuesday, June 26 at 1:05.  All families are invited to attend this event.
  6. Reading Kindies!  Mr. Wejr had the privilege of having each student in Mrs. Dove’s kindergarten class read to him.  The students were so excited to grab their favourite book and showcase their new reading skills.
  7. Mini-Performances in Music  Mrs. Di Rezze invites you to come and watch the students perform in their music classes.
June 18 9:45  Mrs. Smith10:45  Mr. Mills June 19 9:00  Ms. Garrioch9:45  Mrs. Dove

10:45  Mrs. V

11:30  Ms. Home1:10  Ms Exley

1:55 Mrs. Cardinal

June 20 9:40  Mr. Gallamore10:45  Mr. Penner

11:30  Mrs. Gallamore

  1. CE Barry gr. 7 band performs.

    (8) CE Barry Band Performs  Our students listened to the grade 7 band from CE Barry Middle School in Hope perform as they stopped in Thursday for a brief set.

  2. (9) Miniature Art:  Students in Ms. Exley’s class have created some wonderful miniature art of objects and scenery.  Please check out the display across from room 6!
  3. (10) Blogging with Kindies  Ms. Garrioch’s class is working on their reading and writing skills by reading and commenting on blogs from students from all over the world.

To enlarge photos, click on the image.  Comments are always welcome (in the comments sections below).

Note: Last day of classes for students is Thursday, June 28.  Early dismissal at 9:45.

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