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10 Good Things – Dec 16

Families: here are 10 good things to talk about with your family and others:

  1. Santa’s Workshop  Mrs. Gallamore’s grade 6 class put on a wonderful Santa’s

    Elves in Santa's Workshop

    Workshop for all interested students to enjoy.  They had cookie decorating, games, and even Santa! Check out the video here.

  2. Food Bank and Cereal Drive  The school brought in almost 100 boxes of cereal and Ms. Home’s class had a huge bin full of food to donate to the local food bank.
  3. Students participating in readers' theatre.

    Readers’ Theatre  I had the honour of catching a number of readers’ theatre and plays in our primary classes this past week.  Congrats to Ms. Exley, Mrs. Dumas, Ms. Home, and Mrs. Cardinal’s students for their hard work as well as great acting and reading skills.

  4. Kindie Baking and Crafts  I walked into the kindergarten class to check out their

    Kindie Baking and Crafts

    awesome holiday baking/crafts and Mrs. Dove and Ms. Garrioch put me right to work!  I was supposed to be helping with some crafts but I am pretty sure the kids were doing the teaching!

  5. Primary Choir

    Choir Concert  Congratulations to Mrs. Di Rezze and all those who put in a great effort to make our choir concert a success.  The students played some beautiful songs to celebrate the season in front of a gym full of students and families.  The choir also travelled to Chilliwack last week to sing their festive songs for some elder community members (and had a great time).

  6. All About Me  Mr. Mills class is looking into their family tree, interviewing their elders, and presenting their projects to the class.  Awesome to see homework that includes learning from family!
  7. Festive Lunch  Over 300 people sat down to enjoy our 21stAnnual Festive Lunch this

    21st Annual Festive Lunch

    week.  Thank you so much to the PAC for all their work in making this another great success.

  8. Animal Project Presentations  Ms. Home and Mrs. Dumas worked with the grade 1/2 students to help them develop and answer their own research questions… then present their findings to the class.  We saw some excited students sharing their findings in a very professional manner!
  9. Learning from the Chiefs

    Learning from the Chiefs  Mr. Gallamore’s class had a few members of the Chilliwack Chiefs come in to read and play hockey with the class.  Great role modeling by our local hockey players.

  10. Volleyball and House Games  Mr. Penner took some of our volleyball players over to Agassiz Christian last week to participate in a tournament.  The students once again represented our school well.  The big final of the boys’ house games happened today at lunch… pretty intense game and a loud gym for Mr. Gallamore and his boys.  Mrs. Gallamore wrapped up the exciting Skittle Ball League in girls’ house games last week too…. congrats to all who participated!

As always, feedback is encouraged so please comment below.

From all of us at Kent School… Have a great holiday with family!!!

10 Good Things – Dec 2

What an after school view...

Families:    Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other!

  1. Cereal Drive on Now  Please bring in unopened cereal boxes to the school to support the local food bank.  Boxes can be left near the library.
  2. Food Drive With Ms. Home  If you would like to donate other non-perishable food items, please drop them off in Ms. Home’s class to help them help others.
  3. Diorama Time! Mrs Smith’s class combined their artistic abilities with their knowledge of biology/ecology to create some awesome dioramas of nature.
  4. First Nation Art Mr. Penner’s class has some of their creative First Nation artwork on display in the hallway… come check it out!
  5. Poinsettia Orders  Please support Kent School by ordering a poinsettia or 2 through our PAC.  Order forms have been sent home but we have more available in the office.  Due Dec. 9.
  6. Math Games  Our intermediate students have taken their math problem solving skills to a new level with new ideas brought back by teachers who attended a math conference.  Ask your child about Kakooma!
  7. Helping students with Anxiety  Many staff members participated in a workshop on supporting students with anxiety.  Anxiety is more common than we realize. Info about how to support coming soon.
  8. Author’s Workshop  Ms. Garrioch’s kindergarten class created their own books in a kindergarten writer’s workshop… their creativity blew me away!
  9. K/1 FN Honouring Ceremony  We honoured our FN students in kindergarten and grade 1 this week for the strengths they have within them.  Families enjoyed lunch as well as some singing and drumming during this important event.  Thanks to Kasey, Nelson, and Mrs. Pennier for all their help!  For a post on the discussion that took place with parents prior to the event, please click here).
  10. Recorder Crazy!  Mrs. Di Rezze has our students developing quite the skills with the recorder.  I was thrilled to be part of the audience for Mr. Gallamore’s class to showcase their skills with Beethoven music on the tenor, alto, and sopranino recorders.

Have a great weekend!

Connect With Us!

In addition to coming into the school to meet with students and staff or calling us at 604-796-2161, there are many ways to connect with the school to either receive information or engage in dialogue.  Here is a list of ways you can stay connected followed by a video showing you how to access these methods through this site. Click on the links to access.

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  6. Receive Text Messages of Important Events
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  9. Email us! (If you want to go paperless, click here).
  10. Contact Mr. Wejr

Please watch the video below on how you can use all of the aforementioned tools by starting with this blog.

10 Good Things – November 18

Bring on winter!

Families:    Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other!

  1. Winter Wonderland  The kids were so excited to get to school today to play in the snow!  The snow was perfect snowman-building snow!  Please remember to pack extra clothes including mitts, hats, jackets, and boots for your child at school. (also if you have older, good stuff, pls donate to school for our kids)
  2. Family Dance  Mrs. Di Rezze invites you to our family dance next Friday, November 25 at 7:00 .
  3. Little Researchers  Ms. Home’s grade 1/2 students have been working with their teacher and teacher-librarian Mrs. Dumas to develop their own research questions about an animal of their interest.  They then work to research their questions and complete a project.  Inquiry-based learning at its best!
  4. Love for Lilee  The community of Kent School is doing their best to support Lilee Whittle-Putt, an infant battling brain cancer.  Lilee’s father, Andrew, attended Kent School and still has many ties to the community.  One of our grade 2 students, Carys (along with Chelsey and Joree), lead a bake sale and fundraiser that collected almost $700 for the family! To support Lilee and her family, please go to www.loveforlilee.com Please see back for local upcoming fundraiser.  For a blog post on my experience meeting Lilee, click here.
  5. Treats for Cancer I remember laying out all my Hallowe’en candy on the floor and making a plan on how I was going to attack the mound of sugar.  Kierra, a grade 4 student, had other plans.  During this past Hallowe’en, she wore a shirt that said “Treats for Cancer” and instead of eating her candy, she baggied them up and resold them to raise money for cancer research.  Inspiring!
  6. Remembering and Promoting Peace  Students of Kent sang songs that brought our honoured guests to tears during our Remembrance Day Ceremony.  We honoured those who came before us and sang songs with a message of peace for a better world.  Yet another time, Kent kids left me speechless.
  7. Soccer  Mr. Penner took a grade 5/6 soccer team to Chehalis to play in their tournament.  Once again, the team played well and represented our school with effort and sportsmanship.
  8. Eagle Release Mrs. Gallamore’s class travelled to Harrison Mills to watch the ceremony of the release of a rehabilitated eagle.  They learned the story of how the injured bird was nursed back to health and released back into the air.  The students were in awe of the size and strength of this important bird.
  9. Celebrating our Strengths  Our fist group of students was recognized recently in front of students and parents.  Teachers spoke of their strengths and interest to honour each child for who they are.
  10. Knitting Club  Mr. Turner has started the knitting club up again for inside days.  Students meet in his room and make their own hats and scarves as well as gifts for others!

As always, please feel free to leave your feedback or questions in the space below.

We Remember

On November 10th, we gathered for a school-wide assembly to honour those who have served our country and made us proud.  We also met to spread the message of peace and joy.

Our honoured guests included students, families, staff, Cpl Dwayne Farlin, Cst Shawn Crampton, Royal Canadian Legion President Roy Wright, Past-President Jim Johnson, and Executive Member Gecae Carlson.

The students sang songs that brought tears to our eyes; their message that tomorrow will be a better day left our Legion members and staff welling up inside.  It is our job to help our students to create a better world. 

Not only did our students respectfully honour those who came before us, but they brought tears of hope and joy to the eyes of those who listened and were inspired by their voice.

Yet another time in which the children of Kent left me feeling so proud.

10 Good Things – Oct 28

Families:    Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other!

  1. Happy Sto:lo New Year!  We had the honour of hosting Sto:lo New Year celebrations this year at Kent School.  Students from Harrison, AESS, Seabird and Chehalis came and sang, danced, and performed to help celebrate the end of a year filled with hard work.  Thank you so much to Kasey and Nelson for their efforts in making this event possible! Click here for images.
  2. Running for Pumpkins?  Students ran 3km today on our pumpkin run.  They were instructed to count the pumpkins along the way… I heard 44 was the number!
  3. Culture of Reading  Many teachers in our school are displaying their favourite books and encouraging students to share theirs in a way to promote reading in our school.
  4. Partner Schools  Mr. Gallamore, Mrs. Gallamore, and Mr. Penner’s classes are partnering with Giant’s Head Elementary School in Summerland, BC to exchange ideas, blog posts, emails, and learning activities with each other.  A great way for students to connect outside the classroom!
  5. Finding Strength Through Drama  Mr. Mills has a passion for drama and this is spreading to his students and former students.  He has started a drama club at lunch (by request of some former students) and continues to observe students coming out of their shells and realizing their strengths through drama in his class.
  6. Hallowe’en at Kent  Students are invited to wear their costumes to school on Monday (some classes will be changing into costumes at lunch).  There will be a sock-hop at lunch as well as ‘haunted house’ activities throughout the day.  Please remember that Kent is a junk food-free school so please leave candy at home.
  7. Learning Through Inquiry  Ms. Exley’s class is working with our teacher-librarian, Mrs. Dumas, to learn through research by asking powerful questions.  It was great to see the “little animal researchers” in action!
  8. Cross-Country  Congratulations to all those members of our cross-country team!  They had a fantastic season which will continue in May.  Thanks to Mrs. Gallamore and Mr. Penner for their efforts.
  9. House Games  Boys’ handball season has ended and floor hockey has begun.  Girls skittle ball season has also started. Check out the board for some great “bobblehead” pics of the boys!
  10. Student Leaders  Our grade 6 students are once again demonstrating their leadership in a variety of ways in the school.  They help to look after our primary students at lunch as well as look after our PE equipment at recess/lunch.  On top of this, they are often there to lend a helping hand to a younger student.

As always, we encourage you to leave feedback in the comment box below.  Have a great weekend!

Happy Sto:lo New Year!

On Thursday, October 27, Kent School had the honour of hosting schools from Seabird, Chehalis, Harrison, and AESS to celebrate Sto:lo new year. Thank you so much to all those students who danced, sang, and performed for everyone in attendance. Also, thank you to Kasey and Nelson for caanizing a great event that helped us to celebrate all the hard work that has occurred this year.

[gigya src=”http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649″ width=”600″ flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/kentelementary/sets/72157627873595477/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/kentelementary/sets/72157627873595477/&set_id=72157627873595477&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true” ]

If you are unable to view the photos above, please click here.

Sponsors: Thank You For Our Sandbox!

Our kids DIG our new sandbox!

Thank you to the Kent PAC as well as Collin Johnson and Wendy Clark for the support in making this happen!

Receive Text Message Alerts of Important Events!

If you are a parent or family member of a student at Kent Elementary School and would like to receive text message alerts of important events (only events like school closures, picture day, sports day, etc), please follow these instructions:

Please note: this is a US service so please check with your cell phone provider to see if it costs money for you to receive text messages from the US.

  1. Send a text message to 646-755-7775 with the message @kent
  2. Press send
  3. The service Remind101 will then text you to ask your name.
  4. You are done!
  5. Each time there is an important event, you will receive a text message to your phone!

For more information on the service, please go to www.remind101.com

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Wejr.

10 Good Things – October 7

Families:    Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other!

  1. Gone Fishing!  Ms. Exley and Mrs. Cardinal’s classes travelled to Hick’s Lake to learn how to fish through www.gofishbc.com!  Mr. And Mrs. Gallamore’s classes also worked with the team that afternoon.  Although no fish were caught, it goes with the saying “A good day of fishing is when you are out on the water; a GREAT day of fishing is when you actually catch one.”  For pictures, click here.
  2. Turkey Art  Both Mrs. Dove’s K class and Mrs. V’s grade 1 class used the long weekend Thanksgiving theme to hone their art skills.  Students traced their hand, cut out the paper, coloured and then added this to their turkeys.
  3. Cheam Wetlands  Mr. Mills and Mrs. Smith’s classes travelled to Cheam Wetlands to learn about some local biodiversity this week.  The “wet” lands definitely lived up to its name this week!
  4. Garden Work Bee A few staff members, students, and parents spent Tuesday afternoon weeding and planting to help maintain our beautiful learning area!  Thanks so much to those that helped!
  5. Think BIGG  Trent Arteberry was here last Friday to showcase the art of Mime to our students… the passion spread as mime shows took over Ms. Exley’s classroom that afternoon.
  6. Blogging  Mr. Gallamore has started to teach his students the power of collaborating through technology via student blogging.  Students can comment and view each others’ work to provide feedback on how to improve.
  7. Comic Life  Mrs. Dumas is using a program called Comic Life to help teach some of her students reading and writing skills (while also encouraging creativity).
  8. iWalk  This week, Mrs. Gallamore has helped caanize a week to encourage families to walk to work and school.  Did you participate?
  9. Reading Groups  All our reading groups have started for our primary classes.  At Kent, we use more teachers so we can provide instruction in a smaller group setting, thus giving students more individual support.
  10. Photo Retakes  are set for October 18th.  Please bring your forms in to order your photos.

Happy Thanksgiving!  No school Monday.

As always, comments are always appreciated so if you have any thoughts on the weekend, please comment in the space below.  To subscribe to this blog and receive updates when items are posted, please submit your email on the upper right-hand corner of this page.

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