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Kent Choir – Concert Dates

Kent School would like to invite you to mark your calendars and attend our Christmas and Spring Choir Concerts this year.

The Christmas concert will be Wednesday, December 14 at 1:00pm and 7:00pm.

The Spring concert will be Wednesday, May 9 and Thursday, May 10.

Please note: Mrs. Di Rezze and the Kent Choir are seeking an accompanist to volunteer his/her time to work with them Wednesday afternoons.  If you are interested and have grade 7+ piano, please contact the school.

Also, the choir is looking for someone with audio-visual experience that can videotape or help with sound at concerts and events.  If you know of anybody that is willing to help (or willing to learn!), please contact the school. 

Family Dances This Year

Mrs. Di Rezze would like to invite you to our Kent School Family Dances once again this year.  There will be dances at 7:00 pm on the following dates:

  • Friday, November 25
  • Friday, January 27
  • Friday, March 30

We hope to see you there!

Science World – Night of Family Science at Kent

Click to view enlarged image

Be sure to come out to our “Night of Family Science” this Thursday from 5-8pm (brought to you by Science World).

Science World was here in the spring and our students loved it!  Now, they are offering some great new scientific demonstrations for the whole family.

Free pizza will be available to all those who let us know they will be in attendance. This event is open to the community; children must be accompanied by an adult.

Please RSVP by emailing Mr. Wejr or calling the school.

Special thanks to Mrs. Gallamore and the grade 6’s from last year for caanizing this event.

Terry Fox Run at Kent – Support a Great Cause!

This week, students will be fundraising to support the Terry Fox Foundation.  Teachers and students will be discussing Terry’s journey as well as those who have been touched by cancer.  We have raised upwards of $2500 in the past so this is an event that always bring our community together for a great cause.

The run will take place on Wednesday, September 28 at 11:00.  Every student will pass through our running course (that includes signs of all the major cities Terry ran through) and then be encouraged to “Finish For Fox” in which they run a little bit extra for Terry.  We invite all families to come and run with us or find a spot and cheer us on.  If you are able to help, please email me so I know how many volunteers will be there.

We will be encouraging students to bring in donations in the following format:

  • MONDAY – pennies and nickels
  • TUESDAY – dimes
  • WEDNESDAY – quarters
  • THURSDAY – loonies
  • FRIDAY – twoonies

Of course, bills are always appreciated :-) and if you would like to make a larger donations, please click here to donate to Kent School’s fundraiser for Terry Fox Foundation.  You will receive a tax receipt for online donations.

Thank you in advance for supporting a Canadian hero and a great cause.

10 Good Things To Talk About – September 16

Here are 10 Good Things to talk about this weekend!

  1. Full day K! Our kindergarten students are just finishing up their first week at Kent School and this year it is Full Day Kindergarten.  It has been great to see all the new faces (kids and families) at the school!
  2. Family Library Card  Mrs. Dumas has created a card that will encourage families, young and old, to take out books at our library.  This is all part of the goal of increasing family literacy in our community.
  3. Friday Family Reading  Ms. Home has invited family members to come in and read with the students Friday mornings.  It was a positively packed classroom this morning!
  4. House Games  Mr. Gallamore took very little time to start up boys’ house games this year.  House games are open to intermediate students.  The current season is European Handball.
  5. Living With An Invisible Disability  We had the privilege of having presenter Myles McKie come to our school and talk to our students about living with autism.  His format was very powerful as he spent most of the time answering great questions from our intermediate students.  He also presented to over 50 community members in the evening.  Thank you to Donna Barner and Wendy Clark for helping to caanize this awesome event.
  6. Fall Fair Friday – many students dressed up in their farming and country gear for Fall Fair Friday.  Classes participated in baking and art activities around the topic of corn and agriculture.  See you at the fair!
  7. Facebook Page, Twitter – Our Facebook Page is a great place to have dialogue around school events and issues.  For classroom concerns, please see the teacher.  To be part of the dialogue on Facebook, go to our FB page here.  You can also stay informed of school events and information by following Kent School on Twitter (@KentElemSchool).
  8. Welcome Mrs. Smith and Mr. Penner  Our grade 3/4 teacher will be Mrs. Smith this year and our grade 5/6 teacher will be Mr. Penner.  Both teacher comes with experience both in the community and in our schools and we look forward to having them on our team!
  9. Night of Family Science!  Science World will be coming to our school on Friday, September 29 from 5:00-8:00 for an awesome event.  They will also have free pizza but in order to receive this, you must RSVP to the school.
  10. Living it up in the garden!  Our school garden is in full bloom as our students play on the path and check out all the cool caanisms living there.


The first PAC Meeting of the year is next Wednesday at 6:30 in our library.  PAC is a great place to have a larger voice in your child’s education.

As the “10 Good Things” is now in a blog format, you can comment with any questions or thoughts in the text box below.  We love to hear from you!

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Welcome to 2011-12 at Kent

Welcome to another exciting year at Kent… please check out the video for a ‘school new year’s eve’ message from Mr. Wejr. As always, comments are appreciated (unless it is making fun of my camera skills)!

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