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10 Good Things to Talk About – December 21

A snowy recess

A snowy recess

Wishing you all the best this holiday season.  Enjoy time spent with family and we look forward to seeing you in 2013! Here are the latest 10 good things – remember to click on the photos to enlarge and leave any comments in the space below.  Be sure to watch the video of this week following this list:

  1. A delicious Festive Lunch

    A delicious Festive Lunch

    Festive Lunch Every child and staff member, along with community members and volunteers, sat down to eat a turkey dinner together with some wonderful student sung melodies in the background.  This has been a tradition for over 20 years at Kent.  Thank you so much to the PAC for caanizing and helping this.  Also, thank you to all that donated to our food/cereal drive this week. Hundreds of items were picked up by community services.

  2. Primary choir performs

    Primary choir performs

    Choir Concert  Our primary and intermediate choirs, along with intermediate soloists, performed for students and families in our annual Christmas Choir Concert.  Thank you to the students and Mrs. Di Rezze for their efforts and dedication.

  3. Div 5 rockin' out!

    Div 5 rockin’ out!

    Parent Morning in Division 5  Ms. Exley invited parents and families to come in and watch the students perform poems and songs they have learned so far this year.  Following the lovely performance, families sat with the children, had some goodies, and looked through their child’s portfolio of learning.

  4. Greeted with Christmas Carols in the grade 6 Christmas House.

    Greeted with Christmas Carols in the gr. 6 Christmas House.

    Grade 6 Christmas House  Our grade 6’s once again treated our students and staff to a wonderful Christmas house complete with carolers, hot chocolate, crafts, baking, games, a read aloud, and SANTA!

  5. Kindy Gingerbread Houses

    Kindy Gingerbread Houses

    Gingerbread Houses Students in Ms. Garrioch’s class worked with their grade 6 buddies to make their own gingerbread houses.  Students were just given the supplies and then asked to be creative!

  6. Grade 4 novel.

    Grade 4 novel.

    Fatty Legs Some of our grade 4 students are reading a powerful novel about the impact of residential schools on an Inuit girl and her family.  Some powerful questions & discussions are coming from this.  Thank you to Mr. Mills and Kasey Chapman for their leadership.

  7. Math That Builds on Confidence  Our intermediate classes are all using a resource called Jump Math again this year.  The philosophy behind this program is that students do better when they have confidence.  The teachers use Jump Math to back up to where the students are and then move forward.
  8. Our HILL!!!

    Our HILL!!!

    The Hill Opens!  All the anticipation was well worth it as we were able to open our hill for a day when it was covered in snow.  I even know of a few parents who took to the Kent Hill in the evening for a little slip sliding.  Thank to you the PAC for all their work… and for the sleds!

  9. Parent Forum on Youth and Technology  We invite you to the Kent Library on Monday, January 14 from 6:30-8:30 for an evening to discuss “Navigating the World of Technology With our Youth”. Mr, Wejr will give a short presentation followed by some guiding questions and open discussions.
  10. Kent Musical Hits the Big(ger) Stage  With the great success of the musical at school a few weeks ago, the kids will be taking a bigger stage at the Harrison Memorial Hall on Friday, January 25 at 7pm.
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Please take a moment to watch the following video of a “Festive Week at Kent” or click here. Happy Holidays!!!

10 Good Things To Talk About – December 7

Student dedicates her project to continue her late father's fight against cancer.

Student dedicates her project to continue her late father’s fight against cancer.

  1. Kent Musical! Our musical theatre production “The Good Old Days” was a huge success! Although this was kind of a rehearsal for an upcoming weekend show in January, “these kids rocked”!   The production was written and choreographed by students, Mrs. Di Rezze, and Mr. Mills.  Congratulations to all those involved!
  2. Balloon Boy was a huge hit!

    Balloon Boy was a huge hit!

    Identity Day What a powerful day! Students and staff learned so much about each other through their identity projects and presentations.  Students took a big risk putting themselves out there and it paid off as we all know so much more about each other.  Thank you to staff, students, and families for all their efforts!  A video of images can be seen in the embedded video below or by clicking here.

  3. Intermediate choir at carol festival.

    Intermediate choir at carol festival.

    Community Carol Evening  Many of our intermediate students participated in the community carol festival with a number of local choral groups.  They sang 2 songs for a packed house at the Ag-Rec Hall.

  4. Pajama Day  Slippers, sleepers and jammies were everywhere on Thursday as some of our grade 3 students caanized a pajama day for the school.
  5. Report Cards  Term 1 report cards will be coming home today.  Please check your child’s backpack and contact the teacher with any questions.
  6. Cereal Drive  We are doing our annual cereal drive again this year.  Please bring any unopened boxes of cereal to the school to donate them to community services.
  7. Food Drive  Ms. Home’s class is leading our food drive as well.  Please bring in any cans/non-perishable food items.  Our goal is 245 (one per student).
  8. Festive Lunch Every child and staff member will sit down for a catered turkey lunch on Tuesday, December 18.  This has been a valued tradition at Kent School for over 20 years.   Families are encouraged to help decorate the gym by making a homemade (recycled materials are encouraged) snowflake decoration.  Please see the info sent home by the PAC.
  9. Jim Johnson teachers a unique way to make Christmas trees.

    Jim Johnson teachers a unique way to make Christmas trees.

    Christmas Trees  Community volunteer and member of our school community, Jim Johnson, came in to work with Mrs. Gallamore’s class to make Christmas trees out of wire hangers and decorations.

  10. Congratulations!


    Legion Contest Winners  A number of our grade 6 students placed high in the Legion Remembrance Day poetry, essay, and art contest.  Congrats to all those who participated!


10 Good Things to Talk About – November 30

Grade 6's Supporting Movember

Grade 6’s Supporting Movember

  1. Kent Musical! Our musical theatre production “The Good Old Days” has been moved until next Friday, December 7th at 1:00pm. UPDATE: DUE TO SOME CONFLICTING SCHEDULING OF THE CAST, THE MUSICAL IS NOW ON THURSDAY, DEC 6th at 1:00pm.
  2. Identity Day This exciting school-wide project day is coming December 4th. Each student will to do a project on themselves – on their family or culture, a passion or an area of interest. What is your child doing for ID Day? For information and examples of projects from 2011, please go to http://bit.ly/U1fRK1.
  3. Great Staches!

    Great Staches!

    Supporting Movember  Our grade 6 students all helped to make and sell fruit kabobs with all proceeds going to prostate cancer research and men’s health.

  4. Pajama Day  Some of our grade 3 students have caanized a pajama day for next Thursday, Dec 6.
  5. Kent teachers discussing reading for professional development.

    Kent teachers discussing reading for professional development.

    A Day to Discuss Reading  Kent teachers all met and discussed how we could improve on the consistency in how we teach and assess reading.  It was a powerful day led by Kent teachers.

  6. Destination Conservation  Some grade 5 students, with the help of Mrs. Eckstein and Mrs. Powell, attended a workshop a few weeks ago to learn ways to conserve energy at Kent School.  Since then, they have been busy doing energy audits on our school.
  7. Community Carol Festival  Our Kent Choir will be performing at the Community Carol Festival next Thursday at 7:00.  Come out and support the kids and the community.
  8. Sounding Out Their Notes  Mrs. Roste’s grade 1’s are making reading and writing relevant as they work on sounding out words by writing (and then reading) friendly notes to each other.
  9. SMART Board Projects  Mr. Gallamore’s class has started to present their SMART Board projects that they have created.  They chose a topic of interest, worked on their research skills and used the technology to help them present.
  10. Parent Readers Ms. Home’s class welcomes family readers into their classroom every Friday morning to read with them.  The students are always so excited to read with the parents!

PAC FUNDRAISER: Holiday Poinsettias: choices include 4″ poinsettias to 12″ tricolors and beautiful dishgardens.  Please see the forms sent home last week for order info.

A reminder that Report Cards come home Friday.  Blog comments are always welcome and a reminder that if you would like to view the photos in a larger view, just click the image.

Identity Day Schedule

December 4th – schedule below

The students and staff of Kent Elementary School will be celebrating Identity Day on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Teachers and students will be showcasing their individual projects throughout the day in various locations around the school.

What is Identity Day?

  • Students complete a project about something meaningful to THEM!
  • The project can be on (almost) ANYTHING
  • A passion, an interest, family, a strength, culture (does not need to have personal info)
  • The project can be done in any way the student wants!
  • Poster, display, demonstration, video, etc (Please include a “why” statement of the reason the topic was chosen)
  • Families are encouraged to help!
  • Every child will see every other project in the school

Please go to http://bit.ly/hXHZCQ for a presentation that includes Images and Videos from other schools that have done Identity Day.

Please help your child to prepare for this event by completing their project by December 3rd.  Students may be given some class time but most of the project should be done at home with the family.  Each class will be hosting their projects at a specific time during the day. Please see the schedule attached below. Parents and siblings are very welcome to come and view the projects when their child is scheduled.

Blocks 1-2 8:40 – 10:20 Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Cardinal

Mr. Mills

Mrs. Gallamore

Rm. 5

Rm. 7

Rm. 14

Rm. 16

Blocks 3-4 10:40 – 12:10 Ms. Home

Ms. Exley

Mr. Gallamore

Rm. 3

Rm. 6

Rm. 17

Blocks 5-6 1:05 – 2:35 Mrs. Roste

Miss Martinson

Ms. Garrioch

Rm. 4

Rm. 13

Rm. 1

Thank you for your support of this very worthwhile and exciting new venture. If you have any further questions I would love to answer them; please contact me at the school.

There will be a family lounge with refreshments set up in the library.  We hope to see you at our Identity Day event!

10 Good Things to Talk About – November 23

The rainy season is upon us. Please make sure your child has an extra set of clothes at school.

  1. Kent Musical! Our musical theatre students have been working many hours with Mr. Mills and Mrs. Di Rezze in preparation for their production, “The Good Old Days”, happening next Friday, November 30th at 1:00.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  2. Identity Day This exciting school-wide project day is coming December 4th. Each student is encouraged to do a project on themselves – on their family or culture, a passion or an area of interest. For information and examples of projects from 2011, please go to http://bit.ly/U1fRK1
  3. Class wreaths for Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day Assembly  Our school honoured those who have served and continue to serve our country at a moving assembly at Kent School.  Local artists added some beautiful music to help our students sing songs about peace.  Thank you to Cst. Crampton of the RCMP and Mr. Jim Johnson of the local Legion for attending and supporting our school during this important event.

  4. Miss Martinson’s class’s artwork.

    Happy Movember!  Miss Martinson’s class completed some very creative art projects to support Movember and awareness of men’s health. Check out the board outside their class.

  5. Success Criteria

    Success Criteria in Writing  Mrs. Cardinal and Ms. Exley’s classes are using a hamburger image for criteria in writing effective paragraphs.  Do you know what parts of a paragraph the bun represents?

  6. Gr. 6 student serves at senior luncheon.

    Senior-Teen Luncheon  Agassiz Centre for Education (ACE) has been working with the senior’s community since 2009 to put on 4 luncheons a year to help build better generational relationships.  This year, Kent has become a partner in this fantastic idea.  12 grade 6 students spent 3 hours on Tuesday having lunch and playing games with many important members of our community.  Thank you so much to Sandy Balascak and Monica Campbell (and all the great ACE students) for including us in this important partnership.

  7. FN Culture Class  Our Wednesday classes have started up again so your child may come home with a permission form to be part of this class that will learn about local First Nation culture.  If your child comes home with the form and you have any questions, please contact Kasey at the school.
  8. Drama of Current Events  Mr. Mills’ passion for theatre really carries over to his students as he often encourages students to act out and learn about local and global current events.
  9. Knitting  The rainy days have begun and this means Mr. Turner’s room is full of students teaching and learning about spool knitting.  It’s always wonderful to see our students wearing their self-made hats!
  10. Basketball Begins Both intermediate boys and girls have started basketball practices after school. The season starts in the new year but the players and coaches, Mrs. Gallamore and Mr. Grieshaber-Otto, are both excited to get going.

Comments are always welcome in the area below.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

REMINDER: NO SCHOOL MONDAY (curriculum implementation day for staff)

Identity Day 2012 is Coming – December 4th

Kent School is proud to put on another exciting event this yearOur 2nd Identity Day will be on December 4th and we invite you to come to the school and check it out!  What is Identity Day?

  • Students complete a project about THEM!
  • The project can be on (almost) ANYTHING
  • A passion, an interest, family, a strength, culture
  • The project can be done in any way the student wants!
  • Poster, display, demonstration, video, etc
  • Every child will present to every student in the school

Please go to http://bit.ly/hXHZCQ for a presentation that includes Images and Videos from Kent and other schools that have done Identity Day. Also, for a review of our last Identity Day, please go to http://bit.ly/NrekwQ

More information will come out next week.  Over the weekend, help your child to decide what they would like to teach others about him/her!

10 Good Things to Talk About – November 2

Gr. 4 students at the intermediate Halloween Dance

Please click on the images to enlarge and feel free to comment below.

  1. G. 6 student poses in the corner of the haunted house.

    A Haunting Experience  Division 1 students redesigned our vacated portable as a haunted house for all the students to walk through.  The house had tricks for all ages and was a huge hit at the school.  Thanks for all the efforts!

  2. Party Rock!

    Costumes galore!  Many staff and students showed their Halloween “spirit” on Wednesday and also had the chance to enjoy classroom parties and an intermediate dance put on by Division 2.

  3. Pumpkin Patch – Mrs. Roste, Mrs. Smith, and Ms. Garrioch’s classes braved the rain and mud as they searched for their pumpkins in Chilliwack.  Not only did they find pumpkins that they could barely lift… they even spotted some blue sky.
  4. Bulletin board outside Ms. Exley’s class.

    Hallway Decor  Our hallways are filled with beautiful fall artwork – please come and check out our student work!

  5. Soccer Tourney at Sts’ailes  Mr. Penner took 2 teams up to Sts’ailes last Friday as the teams competed against other local schools.  Thank you to Mr. Penner and his team for their efforts in a great season.
  6. Music  Classes are preparing for the Remembrance Day Assembly by learning 2 beautiful songs.  Please check out the recordings for I have a Dream by Justin Rule and Al Shlosha D’varim by University of Washington Choirs on YouTube to practice.
  7. Remembrance Day   We invite family members to join us on Friday, November 9th at 11:00 for our Remembrance Day assembly. 
  8. Bear Aware presentation

    Bear Aware – Divisions 1 and 4 learned how to stay safe in bear country last week.  Chris from Bear Aware came and gave an interested presentation that included images and stories of bears in BC.

  9. Primary students honoured at our Celebrating Our Strengths Assembly.

    Celebrating Our Strengths  Our first group of students was honoured last Friday in our Celebrating Our Strengths assembly.  Students in Mrs. DiRezze’s grade 6 music class performed a body percussion routine.  Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Roste, and Ms Garrioch’s classes performed poems and songs they have learned.

  10. Identity Day  This exciting school-wide project day is coming November 20th. Each student is encouraged to do a project on themselves – on their family or culture, a passion or an area of interest. Click here for information and examples of projects from 2011.

Click here for a video of images from September and October at Kent School.


Good Things at Kent

We will be transitioning to using this new site some time this year.

10 Good Things to Talk About – October 18

Nelson drums with a grade 4 student.

Families:    Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other! 

*click on the photos to view in a larger size

  1. iWalk!

    iWalk to School/Work Week  Many students, staff and community volunteers joined in the International Walk to School Week last week as our students walked together from AESS to help promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

  2. Happy Sto:lo New Year!

    Happy Sto:lo New Year  We invited many parents and elders into our school to watch a performance of Little Bear’s Vision Quest put on by the grade 4 students.  Students from ACE also came to support our kids in a friendly game of Slahal.

  3. FFFFFantastic!  The letter F was all the talk in our K classes this week.  Be sure to ask your kids to point out any letter F’s they see around town.
  4. Gone Fishin’ Ms. Exley and Mrs. Cardinal’s classes traveled to Hicks Lake to take part in a local program that teaches kids how to fish.
  5. Inuit Art  Mr. Mills’ class has been working on using traditional shapes to complete artwork inspired by the Inuit of Canada.
  6. Kent Athletics  Our intermediate co-ed soccer team travelled to Promontory Elementary this week and our cross-country team travelled to Chilliwack to run at Twin Rinks.  Once again, we are proud of their effort and attitude!
  7. Student walks on eggs as part of the Forces discussion in CHOICES (Science)

    CHOICES is On!  Art, musical theatre, science, technology, building, puppetry, beadwork, legends, fitness, readers’ theatre, knitting and chess have taken over our school on Wednesday afternoon.  This is a fairly unique program and we are proud to offer it again this year. Thanks to all the staff for all their hard work in preparing for this round of CHOICES.

  8. Identity Day – November 20  Students and staff will all be doing a project on themselves – their strengths, interests, family, culture, etc – for November 20th as part of our 2nd Identity Day. More info will be coming out soon but if you would like info from our last one, go to: http://bit.ly/NrekwQ
  9. Safe and Caring School  There has been much talk recently around bullying with kids.  I was proud to hear a comment made by a parent at the PAC meeting when she stated. “I think Kent is doing the right thing by helping students celebrate and be proud of who they are.”  We will continue to work hard with our students on this to ensure that our school models safety, care, and empathy with our kids.
  10. Drop Everything and Read!  Our school will be participating in yet another activity to promote reading with our kids.  On Monday afternoon, students will be invited to take part in a “read-in” in our library with comfy cushions and a good book.  This is part of the provincial D.E.A.R. event.


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