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10 Good Things To Talk About – February 24

K Students Demonstrate Their Counting Skills.

Here are 10 Good Things To Talk About with your friends and family! (click on images to enlarge)

  1. Intermediate Read-In

    Read-In!  On Monday afternoon, all students and teachers in the school sat down to read in our library for a “read-in” as part of our “For the Love of Books” promotion this month. For more info and photos, click here.

  2. VIP Readers  Last week we had some very special guests including trustees Mr. Al Fraser and Mr. Ron Johnston, the superintendent Dr. Karen Nelson, mayor Mr. John VanLaerhoven, the Fraser Valley librarian Terrill Scott , former principal Mrs. Roxanne Watson, district councillor Mr. Holger Schwichtenberg and a few others came and read to our kids! For more info and photos, click here, here and here.
  3. Mrs. V's Gr. 1's Celebrate 100 Day in Style!

    Happy 100 Day! Our K and grade 1 classes celebrated the 100th school day of the year this week with many fun numeracy activities!

  4. Book Shopping  Mrs. Dumas and other teachers are trying to help students to pick out a good book by doing a little “book shopping” in the library. For more info and photos, click here.
  5. Techno Penpals  Mr. Penner’s class is linking up with a school in Tennessee by using technology to send letters back and forth.  Students are matched up by their interests.  Mr. Gallamore’s class continues to link up with a class from Summerland through blogging and teacher email.
  6. Fitness from Ice to Water  Ms.Exley and Mrs. Cardinal’s classes travelled to Hope to get some exercise through skating and swimming.
  7. SmartBoard Lessons  Mr. Gallamore’s class is now designing their own math lessons to use on their SmartBoard.  The SmartBoard is an interactive white board in which students can move objects and write on the large screen.
  8. Kent’s Got Talent  Some students in Mr. Penner’s class caanized a talent show as a fundraiser for Lilee-Jean Whittle-Putt, an infant fighting brain cancer. Students showcased their talents today at lunch for students and parents.  LJ and her father and grandmother made an appearance at the school to thank the students for all their efforts to help with LJ’s fight.
  9. A student works on her Board Game project.

    Assessment Through Board Games?  Mrs. Smith’s class is demonstrating their learning and creativity in Language Arts by creating board games.  Assessment of student learning can be done in a variety of ways… and can even be fun for students! J

  10. Gr. 2/3 Students Sing a Welcome Song for the Honouring Ceremony

    Parents in the School!  We had 2 great occasions at our school in which parents and families played a key role.  On Wednesday, our grade 2 and 3 First Nation students were recognized in our honouring ceremony.  Students put on a delicious salmon lunch for the event.  Thank you to Kasey, Nelson, and Mrs. Pennier for the efforts.  Today we had many of our families in our K classes for our PALS program.  Families came in and participated in a variety of learning centres to promote early literacy.  Thanks to Mrs. Pennier, Mrs. Dove, and Ms. Garrioch for their efforts and thanks to all those family members that attended!

10 Good Things To Talk About – Feb 3

Families:    Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other!

(click the photos to enlarge)

  1. Board Chair Ron Johnstone listens to a student read.

    Trustees Visit Kent  We had our senior leadership team along with the Board of Education for SD78 visit our school today.  Although they were for just a quick visit they learned some of the great things that are happening in our library as well as with project-based learning.  The spent some quality time listening to some of our grade 2’s and 3’s read their “Favourite Season” paragraph too!

  2. Mr. G's class rates their books.

    For the Love of Books!  A literacy team of teachers have created a great initiative for the month of February to promote reading at Kent School.  Watch for events such as: Free Book Swap, Authors on the Web, Book Shopping in the Library, VIP Readers, All-Grades Read-In, Techno Petting Zoon for eBooks and Bookflix, and a visit from Author Julie Lawson!

  3. Book Swap  Students spent this week bringing in books from home to contribute to the Free Book Swap happening next Thursday and Friday.  Stop by the library to check it out!
  4. Student shows off her groundhog home.

    Notice a Shadow?  Students in Ms. Home’s class created their own Groundhog Homes complete with toilets, kitchens, and bedrooms.  They then had them come out of their houses to see if they saw their shadow… groundhogs at Kent School saw their shadow – what does this mean?

  5. Reading Mastery  Our kindergarten students are using a new program to help with learning to read called Reading Mastery.  We will be piloting this program for this year and next to see if it helps with our early literacy.
  6. Mr. G's students draw their favourite Canuck

    Canuck Art  Mr. Gallamore’s class has some up and coming artist working hard at mastering their craft.  Students have drawn some great portraits of Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, and Manny Malhotra.

  7. Basketball  Mr. Penner and Mr. Grieshaber-Otto have the intermediate boys running and gunning getting ready for their basketball season. Mrs. Gallamore (and Mrs. Lawson) and Hannah Exley have the intermediate girls turning into shooting stars as they prep for their season.
  8. Students selling their toys to raise money for Lilee.

    Toys for Lilee  A group of intermediate students continue to raise money for Lilee-Jean and the Children’s Hospital by caanizing a toy sale.  They have raised almost $200 by having students donate toys and then selling them to the public.  Another example of Kent kids doing great things for all the right reasons.
  9. Projects on Living Things  Division 1 has been putting their efforts into completing their projects that show the differences between living caanisms.  Every group did something different but met the learning criteria to make this learning activity a success! Thank you to Mrs. Lawson for her efforts while Mrs. Gallamore has been away.
  10. Student works on her website.

    Weebly Websites  Mr. Penner’s class is using technology to showcase their interests by creating their own Weebly Websites.  Please click here for more of Mr. Penner and his students.

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