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10 Good Things To Talk About – September 28


  1. Terry Fox Run  Students put in some of their best effort in this year’s Terry Fox Run.  We had our grade 6 leaders warm us up, a guest Skype appearance by former Kent student Andrew Putt and his 21 month-old daughter Lilee-Jean who is battling brain cancer, the support of parents and RCMP constables… and a route full of students running with a purpose.  Please check with your child and ask him/her whom they ran for.  Thank you to all those families who brought in coins to donate to this great cause!
  2. Cheering on the athletes.

    Sports Day in Canada at Kent Mrs. Gallamore and her class caanized a week of activities this week to promote health and physical activity.  Students were able to try out a number of activities, participate in some runs, and take part in our Olympic-Style school relays.

  3. Our School Garden Needs Your Help!  Mrs. Cardinal is inviting any parents or family members to come in and work with their children in the garden next Friday from 9-12 for a work bee.  Lunch will be brought in for all those who pitch in.  Please let the school know if you would like to assist.  We have a beautiful garden that kids love but we need to maintain it and we would love your help.
  4. Grade 6’s at Squeah  Our grade 6 students all travelled past Hope to Camp Squeah on Monday to participate in some hikes and team-building activities.
  5. High 5 for Character and Setting  Ms. Home’s class is using their hands (well, their fingers) to help them ask questions about characters and setting in their reading.
  6. Making R’s

    R says RRRRR  Our kindergarten students are working their way through their letter sounds.  You can see all sorts of objects and hear plenty of songs that deal with S and R this week.

  7. Getting Green  The sprinklers have been on throughout this week and we are seeing some lovely green growth on our hill.  We are getting closer!
  8. Don’t worry – it is an illusion.  Mr. Penner’s class is creating their own optical illusions for art.  Make sure to stop by the board to check them out!
  9. Student works on his science project.

    Science and Technology Mr. Gallamore’s students are creating their own SMART board presentations for their science projects.  The projects include information, drawings, and fun activities for others to use.

  10. Meaningful Letter Writing Our grade 5/6 class is learning the format of personal letters (and also encouraging a joy of reading) by writing to their favourite authors.  Hoping to get some replies!

We always welcome your comments/feedback in the space below.  Click the images above to enlarge them.

Have a great weekend!

10 Good Things To Talk About – September 21

Family moments at the welcome back BBQ.

  1. Welcome Back BBQ a Huge Success!  Our BBQ last night was a hit again this year.  Families brought their lawn chairs and all hung out on the back field taking in the sunshine and enjoying the company of our Kent community.  A co-ed football game

    Preparing the food.

    was started by the kids and kept many busy for a few hours.  Thank you so much to all those who came out as well as all those who were able to lend a hand.

  2. Terry Fox Run and Fundraiser  Next week, we will be raising money for cancer research and running in National School Run Day.  The fundraiser involves bringing in spare coins to donate on the following days: Monday – pennies/nickels; Tuesday – dimes; Wednesday – quarters; Thursday – loonies; Friday – twoonies.  We will be running on Thursday at 11:00.  We would love it if you could help or run with the kids – just contact the school to let us know.
  3. Sports Day in Canada at Kent Mrs. Gallamore is inviting interested classes to participate in a few activities next week.  Monday and Tuesday will be 15 minutes of exercise in the morning; Wednesday will be “Try It Day’ in which students can try a few different activities/sports; Thursday will be our Terry Fox Run; and Friday we will have school relays in the afternoon.  These are all designed to encourage our students to lead healthy and active lifestyles.
  4. Students Designing Their Own Presentations  Students in Mr. Gallamore’s class will be researching and designing their own SMART Board presentations this year. Students will choose a topic/issue/question of interest and work on researching, learning, and caanizing their thoughts to eventually present to the class.  There are so many skills involved in this; it will be great to see the final results!
  5. Grade 6’s to Squeah  Students in Mrs. Gallamore and Mr. Penner’s classes are off to Camp Squeah on Monday to enjoy the beautiful (and tough) hike up there.
  6. Gr 6 student reads with a gr 1 student at lunch time.

    More Books, More Kids, More Often!  Mrs. Dumas used this phrase in the library and I loved it! That is what we are continuing to encourage at Kent school – spreading the joy of books.  Please pop by the library and ask about our family library card.

  7. Division 6 and their Garden and Tree  Mrs. Cardinal’s class has already walked to the community garden to work on their plot… and they could not do this without visiting that beautiful tree

    Mrs. Cardinal’s students in “their tree”

    that all the students love!

  8. Hill is Now Seeded  Our hill has been seeded and is now being watered on a regular basis.  Thank you so much to Collin Johnson for his endless hours with this!
  9. Math Jewellery? Mrs. Smith was donning some interesting jewellery made of various patterns that her grade 1 students had made for math this week.
  10. Gr. 4 art inspired by Brownbridge

    Art and Reading  Mr.Mills’ class has been exploring the work of Canadian author/artist William Roy Brownbridge.  The students are using his work for both reading and art.

As always, comments and feedback welcomed! Click on the photos to enlarge.

Have a great weekend!

10 Good Things To Talk About – Sept 14

Fall Fair Fun!

  1. Welcome Back!  Although we have had an unusual startup due to a decrease in enrolment, the students are settling in nicely into their classes.  It has been so great to see all the smiling faces once again!
  2. Welcome Back BBQ and Meet the Teacher  We invite all Kent students and families to a BBQ at 5:00pm on Thursday, September 20th in the back field.  Please bring water/juice and any plates/utensils you may need.  This will help to reduce waste.  Following the BBQ, at 6:00, teachers will be in their classrooms for you to stop in and meet them.  We look forward to seeing you all there!
  3. Boys’ house games.

    House Games  Mr. Gallamore has the boys house games going already – loud cheers and high fives can be heard as our boys play handball twice a week. Girls’ house games start next week!

  4. Soccer and X-Country  Mr. Penner has started a soccer team at Kent. The team will travel to Chilliwack to play other schools (we are the only co-ed team J).  Mrs. Gallamore is also inviting interested students to see her about our cross-country running program.  Students travel to Chilliwack during the fall to race against themselves and other schools.
  5. First choir rehearsal.

    Choir Mrs. Di Rezze has started our choir program again this year.  Students have the option of participating in this program Wednesday afternoons.

  6. CHOICES is Back!  We are pleased to say that we will be offering CHOICES for 3 sessions this year (October-February-April)! CHOICES encourages students to discover areas of strength or interest.  If you (parents/families) are interested in offering an activity in an area of your interest, please contact the school.
  7. Welcome to New Staff  We have had some new people join our staff again this year.  Mrs. Roste is our K/1 teacher (previously at Coquihalla Elementary); Mrs. Kelly is our Halq’emeylem teacher (working also in Chilliwack); Ms. Price is our new Special Education Assistant (previously at AESS); we also have Mr. Penner back as a grade 5/6 teacher and Mrs. Smith has moved to teaching grade 1.  We are excited about these changes and additions to Kent School!
  8. Hill Taking Form Our new school hill is all shaped and ready to be seeded.  The students are anxiously awaiting the opening of the hill for a new area to play.  Thank you to Collin Johnson, Wendy Clark, and Naim Kafi for all their hard work with this.
  9. Student reads to the grade 1/2’s at lunch.

    Leaders Already!  Many students continue to create a culture of leadership at Kent School.  Our grade 6’s volunteer every lunch to help out with the primaries by reading and sharing stories with them.

  10. Fall Fair Friday Students and staff wore their country/agri-gear today and took part in some fun activities to get ready for the Agassiz Fall Fair!

Notes and Information

  1. Please remember to have an extra set of clothes at the school for primary students.  When it gets wet and muddy, these are always needed.
  2. A message from the RCMP: all parents that may need criminal record checks should do so now.  If you are planning on volunteering at the school, do not wait and get the CR checks done as there is often a delay.  Police have forms there if you are unable to get one at the school and remember to say you are volunteering at the school so there is no fee.
  3. Please find a form for Booster Juice orders in your child’s pack.  Orders must be in by Wednesday, September 19th.
  4. A friendly reminder to all families to please speak with their child about the importance of using sidewalks, cross walks and staying on the school side of the yellow line in our parking lot.
  5. Our Friday cooking program. “Food For Thought” will continue again this year with the leadership of chef and nutritionist Miel Bernstein.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact Miel at miellie@telus.net
  6. A reminder that we no longer have a meals program at Kent so please send 2 healthy snacks and a lunch with your child.  We are a junk free school so please do not send chips, pop, or candy.  If you are in need of support for food, please contact the school as we are able to help.
  7. Peanut Allergies.  We have a few classrooms with students in them who experience anaphylaxis due to peanuts.  PLEASE ensure your child brings only peanut free foods as this can cause severe harm to the children with allergies.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school.  More information will be coming out this month.
  8. PICTURE DAY – Wednesday, September 19th for individual and class photos.

Welcome Back BBQ and Meet the Teacher Night – Sept 20th!


CC image from http://flic.kr/p/6DS7Pc

We invite students and families to an evening at Kent on Thursday, September 20th at 5:00.  There will be hamburgers barbecued by “Chef Wejr” from 5:00-6:00 for the families to enjoy (or complain about due to Chef Wejr’s cooking).  Following the BBQ, teachers will move to their classrooms (from 6:00-7:00) so families can pop in to have an informal discussion about the class, the room and their child.

We look forward to seeing and chatting with all our Kent Families on the 20th!

** Please bring your own water or juice to have with your burgers.  We will have some other small side dishes so if you wish to have these, please bring your own plates and cutlery from home (to reduce waste).

*** Be sure to head to the Farmer’s Market prior to the BBQ as this will be the final market of the year!

Welcome Back! First Week’s Schedule

(CC) Image from http://flic.kr/p/j7kQz

Families of Kent School: Welcome Back!

For those families returning to Kent School, you probably are already aware of our first week’s schedule but please consider this a reminder as well an update for those new families to Kent.

Each year, our school gets about 20 new registrants in the first week.  Because of this, we wait to put students in classes.  If we did not do this, students would be placed in a class for a few days and then switched to a different class.  This was done in the past and caused a lot of tears and frustration.  Thus, we use the following schedule for grades 1-6:

First day: Tuesday – 8:32-10:05: Students arrive at school and begin in a classroom with all their grade level peers.  There 3-4 staff members there to help and the staff decide the plan for the short time the students are at the school.  Students do not need to bring school supplies until Thursday (click here for a list of needed supplies for the year ahead).  After school teachers will provide feedback on the first draft of class lists.

Second Day: Wednesday – 8:32-2:40: In the first full day, students will meet with their grade groups to start the day and then be placed in activity groups to rotate with throughout the day.  Final tweaking is done on class lists (to ensure classes are equitable with regards to a variety of academic and non-academic factors).

Third Day: Thursday: Students arrive at school and find out who their teacher will be for the year.  Students are to bring their supplies on this day.

Fourth Day: Friday: An assembly occurs in the morning in which students see a video of images from the first week and review some key aspects of life at Kent School.

As you can see, we put in many hours (in addition to the discussions from last June) when deciding placements of children in classes.  We truly appreciate your patience this week and, as always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great first week!

Please note: kindergarten families will meet with the teacher this week. Ms. Garrioch will be contacting you to confirm your appointment.

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