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School Supply List

To download, view and print school supply lists. Please note that supplies for each class will vary slightly depending on the teacher.

2017-2018 School Supply Lists



Year End Letter From The School

Congrats to our grade 6's.

Congrats to our grade 6’s.

Families of Kent Elementary:

I want to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to the staff, students, and families of Kent School for all their efforts this year.

I wish all the best to students who are moving on to different schools as well as a safe, exciting summer for those who are returning.  During the summer, please encourage your children to continue reading, learning and wondering. Time at the park, in the backyard, or at the beach can be a great place to get lost in a book or let the imagination run wild.

We have some changes to our staff for next year. We are excited to continue to have Mrs. Natasha Roste as our K/1 teacher again next year as she will be filling in for Ms. Urquhart until she returns in February.  Unfortunately, due to variables outside of our control, we are losing some key members of our team: Stephanie Eckstein, Drew Martinson, Bob Penner, Jennifer Poole, Rochelle Ramsden, and Kathie Cardinal.  Custodian Stephanie Eckstein has moved to AESS to continue her passion to make the school a beautiful place for the staff and students. Bob Penner has brought such a calm presence to our staff and the relationships he has built with students will be sorely missed. Jennifer Poole’s positive and upbeat character helped to create a welcoming environment for many of our students.  Rochelle Ramsden’s patience and dedication provided our students with coaching that gave them opportunities to achieve new levels in their education. We hope to bring back many of these staff members in the fall.  Mrs. Cardinal, who is retiring, will be moving into the next phase of her career – a phase that will include her love of books but instead of reading to students in a classroom, she will be on a patio overlooking her beautiful garden reading to her grandchildren.  Mrs. Cardinal is not only leaving a legacy through the students she has taught but also in the natural learning environments she has helped to create for Kent School.  Mrs. Cardinal was one of the key people involved in creating our school garden as well as our hill.  We wish her all the best and will miss her ways of reaching each child on an individual level and her complete dedication to the students of Kent School.  Our school will again look slightly different next year but we will continue to build on the legacies of the staff and students of the past and create lasting innovative changes for the future.

It has been an honour to be the principal of Kent again this year.  On behalf of the staff of Kent School, have a great summer with your families and we look forward to seeing you next year.  First day of school is a shortened day on September 3, 2013 from 8:32-10:05am.  If you need anything throughout the summer, please feel free to email me at cwejr@sd78.bc.ca and check out our website at www.kentelementary.ca.


Chris Wejr, Principal

10+1 Good Things To Talk About – June 21

Join us Tuesday as we honour our grade 6 students

Join us Tuesday as we honour our grade 6 students

  1. Harvey Robinson doing storytelling.

    Harvey Robinson doing storytelling.

    Aboriginal Day at Kent School  Today we had a number of special guests and presenters teach our kids a variety of Aboriginal teachings. Such as storytelling, crafts, jigging, cedar work, and sacred teachings.  Thank you to Kasey for organizing and to Harvey Robinson, Elsi Norquay-Brown, Thelma Storozuk, Rene Inkster, Bill Foy, Crystal Chapman and Eric Wong for sharing their knowledge with us today.  Thank you, too, to Rod Peters for the lunchtime salmon bake.

  2. LJ having lunch were her classmates.

    LJ having lunch were her classmates.

    Kindergarten Dancing in the Rain  We welcomed a new kindergarten student this week.  Lilee-Jean Whittle-Putt and her family have a list of things they want to do called Dancing in the Rain and in this list is; “go to school”.  Ms. Garrioch and her class opened their classroom to include Lilee-Jean as part of her first day of school.  It was one of the most powerful days I have experienced and we were so honoured to have this family at Kent School.  You can read more here.

  3. Grade 6 Trip  Our grade 6’s traveled to Camp Squeah for 3 days to take part in a number of outdoor activities like archery, hiking, and rock climbing.
  4. Thank you to Our Family Volunteers  We had our annual parent volunteer tea this week in which we thanked those parents who have helped our school in a number of ways.  We wouldn’t be the same without all our family support! Thank you to Mrs. Dumas for organizing this event.
  5. Mr. Gallamore's class performs.

    Mr. Gallamore’s class performs.

    Class Music Performances  Families were invited to watch our students showcase all they have learned in music class this year.  We also had a special music teacher from the Czech Republic come and showcase some of her talents with the traditional hunting horn.  One of our student’s homemade instruments matched this horn quite nicely so Sarka even played that one for him!

  6. Trip to White Rock  Ms. Home and Mr. Mills’ classes traveled to White Rock to learn about the local history and geography – and have a tasty treat on the beach!
  7. Students sharing their book promotion artwork.

    Students sharing their book promotion artwork.

    Book Promotions Some students in Mr. Mills’ and Mrs. Faulkner’s class have been working on art that showcases their favourite books they have read this year.

  8. Seabird Education Agreement  The official signing ceremony for our local education agreement with Seabird happened on Monday evening at Seabird Island.  This agreement ensures a collaborative effort to create the best learning environment for students.
  9. Year End Ceremony  We invite you to attend our year-end ceremony, in which we honour each grade 6 student, on Tuesday, June 25 at 1pm.
  10. Grade 5 student performs.

    Grade 5 student performs.

    SFU Science  We had students from SFU come and demonstrate and share their passion of science with us.  Students learned about physics, ecology and many other areas as part of the SFU Science Tour.

  11. Kent’s Got Talent!  Our performers amazed the crowd with their talent in dance, acro, guitar, piano and vocals.  I am always blown away by the courage these students show as they get up and perform their hearts out in front of a crowd.  To see one of the performances, check out the video below:

Volunteer Tea – Tuesday, June 18


Any and all parents and family members that have volunteered their time in the classes and/or in the school this year are invited to a Volunteer Tea on Tuesday, June 18 from 1-3 in the library.  The staff will be bringing in baked goods for you to enjoy.  Please RSVP to Sheila in the office by calling 604-796-2161 or emailing shanna@sd78.bc.ca

Just one small token of our appreciation for all that you do!

10+1 Good Things To Talk About – June 7

View from above the district track meet.

View from above the district track meet.

      1. Grade 6 high jump winner from Kent.

        Grade 6 high jump winner from Kent.

        District Track Meet  Kent students represented our school and made us proud of their efforts and accomplishments in our district track meet.  Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Gallamore (and her class) for all their efforts in organizing this day for our district. 

      2. Primary Choir.

        Primary Choir.

        Kent Choir  The Kent School primary and intermediate choirs performed for parents and students this week.  The intermediate choir’s version of “Count on Me” (Bruno Mars) seemed to be a crowd favourite.  Thank you to Mrs. Di Rezze for all her efforts along with Mrs. Smith, Ms. Garrioch and all the students.  For a video of the choir, please check out the video below or click here.

      3. Learning About Cedar  Ms. Kelly has been teaching our Halq’emeylem students about the vocabulary and the many uses of cedar.
      4. Mrs. Cardinal's class field trip to learn more about the flood of '48

        Mrs. Cardinal’s class field trip to learn more about the flood of ’48

        Flooded Classroom?  The Agassiz Flood of ’48 has taken over Mrs. Cardinal’s class as the students have developed a keen interest in all the events that occurred during that time.  They recently travelled to the regional library and the Kent Municipal Cemetery as that is the setting in the book that started it all; “Flood Warning”.

      5. Learning About Water  Mr. Gallamore and Mrs. Peters’ classes traveled to Hope to do a tour of the Nestle Water plant and find out how stream water is converted into bottled water.
      6. Ready, Set, Learn

        Ready, Set, Learn

        Ready, Set, Learn  Mrs. Roste and Ms. Garrioch organized a well-attended community event in which parents of children aged 0-5 came and checked out community resources on health and education.

      7. A student showcasing her career research.

        A student showcasing her career research.

        Career Fair  Ms. Martinson’s class chose a career path to research and share with the class.  Students demonstrated their learning in a variety ways as part of their class career fair.                                                                                                                                               –

      8. Egg Drop!

        Egg Drop!

        Egg Drop Physics  As part of their science, Mrs. Gallamore’s class had to design their own carrier to house an egg that would survive a 20 foot fall from the roof of the school.

      9. The Hill in Pictures  We presented our 2012-2013 Kent highlights to the Board of Education on Tuesday.  To view the creation of the hill in pictures, go to http://bit.ly/15HQ8MS
      10. Collaborative Story Writing  5 classes, including schools from Italy and Richmond, have participated in Kent’s Collaborative Story Writing Project.  Mr. Gallamore’s class is now finishing it off – check out the story (so far) at http://bit.ly/kentwriting
      11. Run For Water  A number of staff and students from Kent braved the downpour of rain as they ran in water FOR water on May 26 in Abbotsford.  Our school raised over $1500 for this cause and Ms. Home’s class is still raising more funds.  J


As always, feedback is appreciated.  You can click on any photo to enlarge.  Have a great weekend!

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