Kent Identity Day 2019

The students and staff of Kent Elementary School will be celebrating Identity Day on Wednesday, February 27th.  Teachers and students will be showcasing their individual projects throughout the day in various locations around the school.

What is Identity Day?

  • Students complete a project about something meaningful to THEM!
  • The project can be on (almost) ANYTHING
  • A passion, an interest, family, a strength, culture (does not need to have personal info)
  • The project can be done in any way the student wants!
  • Poster, display, demonstration, video, etc (Please include a “why” statement of the reason the topic was chosen)
  • Families are encouraged to help! This is a project to be done at home.
  • Every Child will see every other project in the school.
    • Check this out for past Kent Identity Day examples – click the presentation and press play when you get to a video.
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