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Please Help One of Our Families Who Recently Lost Everything

Image credit: Jess Peters of The Observer http://bit.ly/1bY3Sd1

Image credit: Jess Peters of The Observer http://bit.ly/1bY3Sd1

Families of Kent and beyond,

This was originally posted on Facebook but with the outpouring of support and shares, I felt it would be best to have one place in which we could update the status of the family.

Original message:

Important message – please read and share. One of our families needs our help. Yesterday, one of our families’ homes on a farm burnt down. They are all safe but sadly lost everything. They are currently living in a hotel until Thursday but are looking for a place to live/rent on a farm. Also, they are in need of clothing and household necessities. The family has 4 children: a 9 year old boy, twin 7 year old girls, and a (big) 4 year-old boy. Please drop off any gently used clothing and household items at the school and we will pass on to the family. Please share on your page and contact the school if you have any questions. Thank you. CW

You can see the original post on the Facebook Page by clicking here. You can also read the article from the local media here.

I do want to share a comment by a gentleman in Langley that shows that the support extends beyond our wonderful community of Kent School and Agassiz:

From Facebook

From Facebook


  • I spoke to the mother today (December 11) and they are still looking for a home.  If you know of any homes on a farm that are for rent, please let me know (as they do have animals – chickens, a pony, dog, and cat).
  • The children’s sizes: The twins are a size 7/8, the older boy is a size 10 and the younger boy is a size 6/7. (update: no more clothes are needed at this time)
  • The parents’ sizes: father – 38 pant, XXL shirt; mother 11/30 pant, M shirt (update: no more clothes are needed at this time)
  • They will likely be needing household items.  At this point, please hold off on large donations as once they find a home, we will know more (but they will need everything).  We will then create a list of needs and have people sign up to donate so we better know the needs of the family.
  • We have been accepting cash, gift cards, and cheques at the school.  The family will be popping in to collect each day.  I will ask her today about setting up and account as people have been asking about transferring funds through their bank.
  • Dec 12: I have set up an online fundraising page (accepting paypal and credit card).  Click here to donate.
  • Dec 13: Please note that we have  had many bags of clothing donated so we are good for clothes right now.  The family is still looking for a home.
  • Dec 14:  The family has found a home and will move in on Sunday/Monday.    They will then go through the items and create a list of needs that will be shared with us.
  • Dec 15:  The Province wrote an article to try to gain more support for the family.  Click here to read.

Please comment below if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with the family.  To contact the school, email cwejr@sd78.bc.ca or call 604-796-2161.

Thank you again and please check back here for updates.


Chris Wejr (on behalf of the community of Kent School).

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