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School Supply List

To download, view and print school supply lists. Please note that supplies for each class will vary slightly depending on the teacher.

2017-2018 School Supply Lists



Welcome Back! First Week’s Schedule

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Families of Kent School: Welcome Back!

For those families returning to Kent School, you probably are already aware of our first week’s schedule but please consider this a reminder as well an update for those new families to Kent.

Each year, our school gets about 20 new registrants in the first week.  Because of this, we wait to put students in classes.  If we did not do this, students would be placed in a class for a few days and then switched to a different class.  This was done in the past and caused a lot of tears and frustration.  Thus, we use the following schedule for grades 1-6:

First day: Tuesday – 8:32-10:05: Students arrive at school and begin in a classroom with all their grade level peers.  There 3-4 staff members there to help and the staff decide the plan for the short time the students are at the school.  Students do not need to bring school supplies until Thursday (click here for a list of needed supplies for the year ahead).  After school teachers will provide feedback on the first draft of class lists.

Second Day: Wednesday – 8:32-2:40: In the first full day, students will meet with their grade groups to start the day and then be placed in activity groups to rotate with throughout the day.  Final tweaking is done on class lists (to ensure classes are equitable with regards to a variety of academic and non-academic factors).

Third Day: Thursday: Students arrive at school and find out who their teacher will be for the year.  Students are to bring their supplies on this day.

Fourth Day: Friday: An assembly occurs in the morning in which students see a video of images from the first week and review some key aspects of life at Kent School.

As you can see, we put in many hours (in addition to the discussions from last June) when deciding placements of children in classes.  We truly appreciate your patience this week and, as always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great first week!

Please note: kindergarten families will meet with the teacher this week. Ms. Garrioch will be contacting you to confirm your appointment.

2012-13 School Supply List

Click the link below to see a larger, clear copy of the supply list.


I hope you are enjoying time with your families.  Students received school supply lists at the end of June but if these have been misplaced, you can access it by clicking on the link below:

2012-2013 School Supply List

Students will not need to bring these on the first day as they will be placed in regular classes by Thursday, September 6.

I hope you are enjoying the summer and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Chris Wejr

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