Helpful article on Helping Children cope with School-based Anxiety

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 For those of you that have children returning to school, “back to school” has a far different meaning this September.  Typically, during August, parents and students may be mostly concerned with picking up school supplies, with an excited anticipation of being with old and new friends.  However, what is different with the onset of this school year is that children and teens have been staying close to home with months of isolation and then have had to adapt to changes in class scheduling, wearing masks, and following many protocols around social distancing, etc.  Therefore, children may carry their own reluctance around transitioning back into the school environment.  For some, this may also create “separation anxiety”.  Or, they may just not feel that enthusiastic to engage with peers or educators because they are even more so intimidated by social interactions or feel that the rug could be pulled out from them again if the Covid numbers or variants increase.  With all of this transition, some parents and students may be concerned that their child’s anxiety and/or that their school performance may be impacted.

 With all of this in mind, the team at FSEAP has developed an article with regards to supporting children with the transition back to school.  It includes a number of worthwhile resources as well:

Helping Children Cope with School-based Anxiety – Tips for Parents and Children of all Ages


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